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What do organizations with low absenteeism, delighted customers and a healthy profit have in common? Engaged employees.

Your Signature Engagement Strategy:  Employee engagement isn’t merely nice to have – it’s essential. And while you can’t mandate engagement, you can ignite it. Organizations spend in excess of $1.5 billion each year on engagement, but research shows that employees are actually less engaged than ever before. Clearly, something isn’t working.

We do things differently, deploying a uniquely customized engagement strategy that unlocks energy, cultural change and results.

I have worked with Susan David and the Evidence Based Psychology team in a variety of capacities. They are incredibly insightful. They ask hard-hitting questions and bring their expertise to the table in a way that adds enormous value in the areas of engagement, culture and people strategy. EBP is a pleasure to work with.
— Leona Murphy, Chief Strategy Officer at Insurance Australia Group (IAG)


Accelerating Engagement in a Global Organization

A large, complex, $27.4 billion revenues organization with offices in 150 countries presented us with a challenge. They knew from our prior work with them that engagement was critical to business outcomes: it predicted exceptional client service, increased revenue for each employee, and contributed to brand favorability. Yet, while they had pockets of outstandingly engaged employees, the vast majority was only averagely engaged or disengaged, resulting in high voluntary employee turnover each year and other negative effects. So they came to us with an important question: Why were some of their business units floundering while others were flourishing, and what could they do about it?

We wanted to harness and replicate what was already working, so we designed a rigorous research process that honed in on their outstandingly engaged “hot spots” across business lines, functions and geographies. We then set about collecting and analyzing thousands of data points to uncover and map the organization’s critical engagement practices, leadership attributes and processes.

Last, we integrated our findings into culture, leadership and people-based initiatives so that engagement could be harnessed throughout the organization. The results were overwhelmingly positive. The organization implemented a recognition program focusing on values-driven work. They embedded an engaging leader profile into their 360 degree feedback process and leadership development programs, revamped their onboarding program to better orient new hires, proactively matched their employees to positions that aligned with their career aspirations, and even implemented a borderless platform across the organization, allowing people to informally connect, collaborate, and manage their energy and well-being.

After this project, the organization received numerous related employer recognition awards, our work was lauded in the media, and most importantly, they experienced real, on-the-ground differences in engagement metrics and key business outcomes.