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Once you’ve completed our MSCEIT Certification course, you’ll be officially certified to administer, interpret and provide feedback on the MSCEIT assessment. EBP provides specialized products and services to support the effective use of the MSCEIT in a range of settings, from one-on-one feedback sessions to client workshops and EI interventions.

Susan and her team are a dream to collaborate with. Their work on how to enhance emotional effectiveness is now integral to our approach to leadership development. Our executive clients have benefitted from Susan’s extraordinary insights from the MSCEIT™ tool, our team has learned so much from her, and EBP’s processing of reports has been flawless.
— Stephen Johnston, Senior Partner at Korn/ Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting
I would recommend this advanced workshop unhesitatingly. I will use it personally in my business, and the personal insights were confronting but profound.
— Jim Grant, Partner at Dattner Grant Pty Ltd


Accredited MSCEIT practitioners can choose from several reports and products:



The MSCEIT Leadership Development Report

Exclusively developed and distributed by Evidence Based Psychology, this comprehensive ~ 40 page report brings the emotional intelligence model to life with examples, discussion points, and extensive pragmatic development recommendations. It is most applicable to someone in a leadership role. Each report is customized specifically to the respondent’s scores and is based on scientific research. These reports are used worldwide in a variety of contexts including coaching, training, recruitment and succession planning. 


The MSCEIT Workplace Development Report

Also a proprietary offering and customized to the respondent’s scores, this ~ 40-page report is suitable for staff at all levels.  It brings the model to life with examples, discussion points, and extensive pragmatic development recommendations.


The MSCEIT Personal Summary Report

This report provides basic information about a participant’s scores and is generally not used for coaching or training purposes but rather in some recruiting contexts.




 The Emotional Intelligence Workbook

Available in hardcover and e-book formats, this comprehensive and practical toolkit helps clients enhance their emotional intelligence skills. The workbook is frequently purchased as a complement to MSCEIT Reports and provided to participants in coaching and training contexts.  Any queries? Please contact: info@evidencebasedpsychology.com.


other products


The MSCEIT Mat is a complement to any training or coaching program that provides participants with MSCEIT reports. It provides an experiential, fun and pragmatic method of teaching people the elements of the MSCEIT model and of the potential impact of scores in different areas. The MSCEIT Mat comes with a user guide that provides the facilitator with mat based exercises and debriefing suggestions.   For any queries, please contact info@evidencebasedpsychology.com.


Advanced MSCEIT Interpretation Workshop

Our advanced interpretation workshop is open to MSCEIT certified practitioners or psychologists who use the MSCEIT and are familiar with the Mayer-Salovey model of emotional intelligence. To ensure a high-quality experience, the number of spaces on the program is strictly limited. This 1.5 day program offers:

  • Practical tools for dealing with complex MSCEIT feedback situations
  • An advanced understanding of MSCEIT profile, branch, and task interactions
  • Up-to-date knowledge on emotional intelligence research, including pre-press studies, to assist with interpretation
  • The opportunity to hone MSCEIT feedback skills
  • Increased confidence in using the MSCEIT to provide high-impact client feedback


Interpretation Support

EBP provides MSCEIT Report Interpretation Services to accredited practitioners seeking guidance on a specific respondent’s scores. The service deliverable is a customized, written consultation for a specific MSCEIT report. We also offer MSCEIT Coaching to accredited practitioners on an hourly basis. These consultations go beyond report interpretation and may include providing guidance on workshop development or creation of a customized development plan based on MSCEIT scores.


frequently asked questions

How long does it take to receive a MSCEIT report?

Reports will be generated when there are credits available in the account and emailed as a PDF to the accredited MSCEIT practitioner within 2 business days of MSCEIT completion.  When conducting workshops or scheduling coaching sessions, please ensure you have paid credits residing in your account and plan for the report processing time. 


How much does each credit cost?

We currently offer several volume discount tiers to enable you to receive discount pricing.  Our current pricing models are the following




If you would like to purchase MSCEIT credits, please contact EBP via email for an order form:  info@evidencebasedpsychology.com


Is the MSCEIT available in languages other than English?

The MSCEIT assessment has been translated into a number of languages.  

You will need language-specific login details for non-English MSCEIT Assessments. Please contact us if you wish to purchase online administrations of the MSCEIT in a language other than English so that we can set these up for you. While non-English translations are available for the test itself, the MSCEIT reports are available only in English.


The MSCEIT™ is owned and published by Multi-Health Systems, MHS, of Toronto Canada.